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released July 15, 2013

Everett Darling - Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Accordian, Keyboard, Percussion, Bass, Field Recordings
Daniel Boyle - Drums, Electric Guitar
Joel Alas - Vocals, Electric Guitar
Philip Hucknall - Bass, Acoustic Guitar
Will Gresson - Drums

All songs written by Everett Darling
11 - Everett Darling and Joel Alas
12 - Joel Alas
14 - Philip Hucknall

Recorded and Mixed by Daniel Boyle
Assistant Engineer - Vicki Schmattola
Mastering by Pascal Stoffels

Cover art by Ann Darling
Design by Adria Robles and Joel Alas

Spring 2013, Berlin



all rights reserved


skiing Berlin, Germany

Skiing is a band from Berlin consisting of Everett Darling and his current, future, and ex-friends, family, and lovers.

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Track Name: Skiing
Skiing through the past we zing
Over the earth as we go barreling
On a powder ring
Some blaze paths and some fall in
One on the top and one to sink within
Oh, to sing with him
Hit the slopes with a few friends
Some for speed and some on heroin
Until they sing within
The snow on the Berg is tightly packed
But the word on the street is that it's melting fast
They say it just won't last
So ski with me, and I'll ski with you
Track Name: Deadliest Tide
On a sandy bank, spending time
With a rod in my hand, that's white from the brine
A floating leaf, a spotted feather
Which one sinks first in wind and weather?
The deadliest tide, of sorrow
The deadliest tide, the undertow
Waders dug in deep, up comes the water
And if floods over my knees
Rushes in and fills my sides
My last thought is of you
In your dry home, with your dry bones
They´ll sink a ship after me
So I'll never be alone
The deadliest tide...
Track Name: Graveyard
Say goodbye, said it last time, but I didn't think it would be for good
Now I cry, I don't want to continue, I'd rather just lie down by your side
Hold me up now, until I feel the rain, until I feel the weather
Hold out your hand, if I'm falling for the rest of my life.
But I try, I go out in the rain, but it always feels the same anyway
Friends don't come by, who could really blame them, who could really ask anyone to
Hold you up, 'til you feel the rain, until you feel the weather
Hold out your hand, if I'm falling for the rest of my life...
Oh, to the graveyard.
Track Name: Football
Morning football games on Sundays
Matching shirts and muddy trainers
Back and forth, the legs do scramble
Panning control to downfield players
Win, Lose, or draw
Let's play a football game
Are you game?
Yellow cards, offensive bad play
Tripped up sweeper, sore on Monday
Eleven meters, team rotations
One teams point's a point well taken
Track Name: Start Stopping
Start stopping, waiting on your mother's lawn
See the seat upside down
How to sit, where you sat
See the skull in the park
Call your mom, she's died before.
Stop waiting, waiting for your man to call
See the seat upside down
How to stand, where you stood
See the limb in the park
Call your dad, he's climbed it before
Start climbing.
Track Name: Holly
False knot, you're giving out, flowers inside your mouth
Holly, what stinging leaves, back hand at two degrees
Red fruit, in bitter freeze, blood pools on rows of teeth
False friend, with words for me, swallow that poetry
Cut strings will play no tune, split trunk on braided roots
Broken stalk of babies breath, a house door with no welcome mat
A cold day is not quite as cold as our lot, with a friend who's not.
Track Name: Haywire/Holiday
Bird on a wire
Hanging on a wire
Killed by a telephone wire
Undercover man wearing a wire
Wire, oh wire!
It's gone haywire
So I've got to get away from it all
On a holiday
Caught in by barbed wire
When I'm broke send me a wire
When everything's made of wire
And everyone's wearing a wire
Wire, oh wire!
It's gone haywire
So I've got to get away from it all
On a holiday, on a holiday.
Track Name: The Complaint of a Berlin Punk
It's 1990 and I'm gonna be on the cover of Zitty
You'll wish you were like me,
In a decade or so, once you've fucked up my city
If you think you're having fun now
You are wrong, before was better
Everything you've done we've done too
Now there's nothing left here for you.
You're a Johnny-come-lately
You weren't here when it was cool
You were still in high school
Why weren't you born early
Now the good times are over
Go home, sad and sorry!
If you think you're having fun now
You are wrong before was better
Low rent, cheep booze, punk life, Harz-IV
We'll make you wish you had been here
Happy now good times are over
Our memories can't be eroded
Track Name: The Shark
Last night you lay crying in my bed
What could I have said?
A bottle of white, a bottle of red
Your medicine
Your truth serum
Don't dabble in your mother's curse
Deceptive verse
My father's father's father
He dove into the water
Into the jaws of a shark
My father's mother's brothers
They fought against each other
In a war in the north.
Track Name: 21
Warm summer sun
Shine brightly here
Warm southern winds
Blow softly here
Green sod above
Lie light
Goodnight dear heart, Goodnight
Dead a week and not already gone
You broke a foolish heart in twain
That would lightly mend again
Longing for the nights cold retreat
Your dancing days are quickly run
Dead and only 21.