Skiing L​.​P.

by skiing

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released June 15, 2012

Recorded and mixed by Markus Mocydlarz and Everett Darling.
Mastering by Jaike Stambach.
Artwork by Daddison
Photo by Linda Mae Green
Insert by Everett Darling

All songs written by Everett Darling
2 - Everett Darling and Joel Alas
5 - Everett Darling and Markus Mocydlarz
6 - Joel Alas
7 - Canned Heat



all rights reserved


skiing Berlin, Germany

Skiing is a band from Berlin consisting of Everett Darling and his current, future, and ex-friends, family, and lovers.

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Track Name: The Moon
When I see you walking by, like a friend
When I see you hanging out til the end
When I see you, wanna talk with you again
And I´ll know you by the time the evening ends

When I see you walking by,
In the cold sunlight
Still, I see you hanging out,
You are the moon.
Track Name: Stamps
Inky arms reveal a tale of where I´ve been the night before
I wear my stamps like battle scars
Countless checks on countless doors

(chorus) Sunday morning revelations, vanish not with soap but time
my conscience clears as stamps remove
From these inky arms of mine

Sleepy eyes to morning wake
The funeral the night before
My head will do nothing but ache
and I ask myself what´s it worth


Search for pills in every drawer, empty packets nothing more
Apotheke´s are always closed on the days you need them most.

Track Name: Yellow Moon
Yellow Moon is coming on...
Days, they gather the stone in light
chiselled it out right from the skull
the mirror in the eye tonight
Yellow Moon is coming on...
Night in focus while walking home
Chalky, the light upon the bush
Silver, the blades in furrowed grass
Called you up to say "come over,"
Yellow Moon is coming on...
Track Name: Hindsight
You´re a dedicated nerd
With a dogma that´s absurd
You´re wearing glasses for the frames
While you´re reading Henry James

You´re the one you´ve left behind
see yourself in your own mind
It´s the hardest thing to find,
You in hindsight

You´ve got a conscience that´s obscene
It´s illustrated in your zines
Revisiting your former schools
While your teacher´s play the fools

You´re the one you´ve left behind
See yourself in your own mind
It´s the hardest thing to find,
You in hindsight
Track Name: Confessions of a meat reductionist
When I was 15 years old my uncle caught me masturbating. I have never eaten a lychee. I don´t plan to til I am 40. I fear I´ve wasted my youth. I think I eat too much toast.
When I fly I like to be the last person to board the airplane. My brother was a robber. He stole a shotgut from a preacher. When I sleep I shake my foot. I use T-shirts as pillowcases.
In my nightmares I cannot speak nor can I see anything clearly. I have recently overcome a childhood disgust of canned fish. I pretend I don´t know my star-sign. I´m obsessed by the colour of the sky.
The shame of my former self it´s like a cloud that smothers me.
Track Name: Hey, Du Alter
Hey, du Alter
Was machst du?
Hey, du Alter, was machst du hier?
Hey, du Alter, was suchst du von mir?
Track Name: Haircut Pogo
When my hair´s in my eyes,
then I can´t see
and that annoys me

exactly what to do
is get a new do
and get it done soon

Getting a haircut
getting haircuts, uh-huh!

When I´m feeling tame
get a new mane
it changes my frame

and that´s what I will do
but which will I choose?
Which style does suit

when getting a haircut?
when getting haircuts?

Afro? I´ve the wrong hair.
Beehive? Too much work.
Crew Cut? Boring
Flat Top? Still boring
Mop Top? Too John and Paul.
Page Boy? Too Prince Valiant.
Pompadour? Too Morrissey.
The Shag!!!

getting a haircut,
getting haircuts, uh-huh!
Track Name: Social Security
Work all your life, you sweat and toil
then dig your grave in 6 ft. of soil
when you´re tired and your bodies old,

you´re left out in the cold
you´re a number who´s bought and sold

Got something to say?
well, shut your mouth
we´ll trivialize your mind or rip out your tongue
sell you the knife to slit your throat

you´re on the shortest rope,
but distracted by fear and hope.
Track Name: Danger
These 4 walls keep you safe
but safety´s not good enough
hold a candle to your face
take my hand, let´s run away

there´s danger in the fireplace

Mom´s asleep, let´s kill your dad
steal his honda, free the cat
I´ll be waiting, wait and see
life is short let´s set it free

there´s danger in the fireplace

These 4 walls keep you safe
safety´s not good enough
life can be scary
that´s why you act timidly

there´s danger in the fireplace
Track Name: Wooden Sea
Into the night
I was covered in reflectors
I´d be blinding bright
if there were a light

Blind as a tree
I was splitting pages with my thumbs
to go between
the words I need

I hear a call, lo!
O`er the piney eaves

What symbol does it show
to the romance writers
the sci-fi/horror scene?

Great ball of fire
on the other side of this spinning world
turning tirelessly,
if not endlessly
on a turtle´s back

The needle´s eye,
I´m not holding fast to anything
but I´m balancing
on a silver ring

I make a sound though,
over the wooden sea

What symbol does it show
what does it mean to me?
If I make a sound though,
and no one´s there but me,

what symbols does it bestow
to the romance writers,
the prose and poetry scene?