The Diary of a Rotary Phone

by skiing

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This album is dedicated to Joshua Bogle.


released December 5, 2014

All songs written by Everett Darling
Track 11: „The Call“ written by Dear Nora ASCAP Solo Wanderer
Track 18: „Copper“ written by Philip Hucknall and Everett Darling

Everett Darling: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Percussion, Organ, Piano, Field Recordings, Theremin, Accordian, Toy Piano, Steel Drum
Daniel Boyle: Drums, Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Toy Piano
Philip Hucknall: Bass, Vocals, Guitar
Susanna Trotta: Vocals
FTM Zeisig: Field Recordings
Will Henderson: Trumpet

Recorded and Mixed in Berlin and Danewitz by Everett Darling and Daniel Boyle
Mastered by Nicholas Wilbur in Anacortes, Washington
Album art by Everett Darling
Layout and Typeface by Stefanie Walk

Spring, Summer, & Fall 2014



all rights reserved


skiing Berlin, Germany

Skiing is a band from Berlin consisting of Everett Darling and his current, future, and ex-friends, family, and lovers.

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Track Name: Nice Windows
Inspecting the frame, I don't see the pane
It's quality made, who have you paid?
Your doors are windows of opportunity
No wasted light, no waste of space
I'd want to stay indoors If I had a light like yours.
Seeing eye to (wind) eye, on the safe side
A pat on your back, such impeccable style
I'd want to stay indoors if I had a light like yours
Nice windows, no wasted light
Nice windows, no waste of space
Track Name: Don't Worry
I have some worries, you say let's meet
over wurst of curry, I'd be happy
It'll be a hard ride, this train I'm on
I never should have come
I never should have gone

But when you tell me "don't worry"
You're like a diver bringing me up from a grave catastrophe
When you tell me let it go
Honey, I know, but even so

When I'm feeling anxious, Just want my bed
You smooth the blankets, You ease my head
Oh It'll be a good ride, When I get into the right stride
It starts when I call you, When you tell me...

When you tell me "don't worry"
You're like a diver bringing me up from a grave catastrophe
When you tell me let it go
You're like a trainer easing the weights, or a cleaner of the slate
But when you tell me "don't worry"
You're like a diver bringing me up from a sunken auto wreck
When you tell me let it go
You're like a lifeguard pulling me in from a deadly undertow.
Track Name: Modern Guy
A dimension, an expression of dementia,
A failed repression of the things that I'd like to hide
When secrets reveal before the time is right
I`m on the stage having forgotten these lines
If I included you in production or crew
What would you do, knowing full well
I´m not professional and that I'm not the man
I claim to be, but when is a good time
to make an embarrassment of myself
Oh I am just a modern guy
and the end is almost nigh.

A diversion, a digression, a mistake I've made again
Watching TV in the dark, there are no lights
Coming on, senses getting number every hour
My mind is getting dumber, stale, and dour,
If I came to you would you see my through
As my personal guru, or banish me from your room
I'm not so hopeless yet, and I can tell myself
10,000 times again, but it´s lasting long I fear
At the passing of each new year.

Now sitting cozy, feeling well, the simple
Furnishings of a padded cell, up at dawn, asleep
At dusk, 3 balanced meals in therapists
I do trust, but is this living now I sing?
The kind of the jungle has been made too tame
But what's to even defend? It's so broken It's unable
To mend, your life is as short as mine, and that's a song
As old as time, but it's lasting far too long I fear
At the passing of each and every year.
Track Name: Before
I have been to sea before, It's grey, then blue
And deeper than you
I know it like weather reports -
Wrong, but you won't know when they're true.

I've been in a cloud before, right outside
My window, passed by
I know it like the news reports
Of which you and I are never informed

We could walk through splendid glades
Mild or wild and turned by a phrase
By the way you hesitate
I could tell you weren't into me
You could tell I'm not bothering
To address that point

Hold my hand
To compensate
For not knowing
My mental state
Track Name: Dualism
Light a fire in the atmosphere
Imagine light where darkness sleeps
Darkness flees like a coward from a flame
Which feeds its fire from the power of the shade

Which would whither and die with the absence of the other
No solo show has ever existed in history

Take a picture of a field
Count the colors that you can't see
Put them in anywhere you deem
You've made something that's never ever been

I want to sing along, I want to sing alone
I want to play alone, I want to play along
Track Name: The Sun
Take the sun out of the bedroom
Take the sun away with you
Take the sun out of the corridor
Take the sun away with you

Take the sunbeams boy
Rays turn on a dime
Mark it on your watch
And wait for the right time

Take the sun out of the hallway
Take the sun away with you
Take the sun out of the living room
Take the sun away with you
Track Name: 61 Candles
61 Candles
On your birthday cake
Blow out the light
A deep breath you take
61 Candles, call the fire brigade
Cause your cakes on fire
Set your house ablaze

You're just 61
A lot of living you've done
Over 700 moons
22,000 suns
61 Candles and no dance party tonight
It's only you and your cake alight
Oh, make a wish, a deep breath you take
There's no going back for another take
Track Name: Bunker Stories
You sit in your room, smoking weed
Dissecting dystopic reads
Your friends are at the beach, but you stayed back
Sun allergy, you're quoting Plath

'Any daddy would not ever do for you,
Poor and white you're living in a shoe'
Would any friend be true enough for you?
You just stay inside and pull the shades down in your room.

Your mom forced holiday to draw you out
Into the world of the living. You spend your time
Deep underground. Bunker Stories, hit close to home.

No holiday would ever refresh you
You'll always seek a well to wet your gloom
Would any town be home enough for you?
You just stay inside and pull the shades down in your room
Track Name: Miles to Go
Driving your car, the radio's on
They're playing your favorite
Stadium rock evergreens

Heavy eyelids are guiding the way
For closing the day of work
And wake and worry

Rise of day, rose of night
Those Fragrant blooms
Those Flagrant brooms
sweeps in to brush you to dreamland

But not while you're driving dear
Watch out at the steering wheel
Get home safe tonight
Miles to go tonight

The stadium's eyes are closed

The lights on the highway gleam
Brighter than stars or dreams
Stay awake tonight with miles to go
The stadium's eyes are closed
Track Name: Portal
Time flies in my house, in your town
You are the portal, round and round
White light on my brow, in your house
I am the portal, round and round
A dial-tone, an empty page
The diary of a rotary phone
Round and round and round and round
Track Name: Stones
Stones cast weight through the waves
With all that is itself and around
Waves casted, washed away
As mollusks form gemstones
unbezeled rock bed or mud bed
will a pillow make

Wait the whole damn day
On a sofa, someone had to say
Something abstruse, rather vague
As hope beams itself out of this place
A stone rests and I wrestle
With the stone.
Track Name: The Turnaround
Through a door down painted halls you walk away
With your back as your diplomat
Your keys will not open any door, no metaphor,
You don't live here anymore

There's a crack down the full-length mirror
Now you really can relate. On second thought
It's not too late, to put on your coat and hat
Grab a cab and drive to the edge of the map
And remember who you were last year
Before you came to town, then turnaround

Back at home or what you'd call your home today
It's never the same (as it was) but anyway
You ease yourself into the bath before
You ease yourself into the bed now that
The day is done, when tomorrow comes
You'll find the time, to fix that broken mirror
Crystal clear.
The turnaround turns, The turnaround
Track Name: Copper
Too late for the sun to break
In a municipal park the iron railings glisten
Forlorn with a raincoat on
Under pink sodium light
And if the world won't listen
the dogs and the rain and the copper dome

Too far for you more to march
with worn out footsteps along a broken path unlit and
gone down far away from this town
in red anonymous brick they keep your headstone written
the smoke and the sulphur, the iron ball

I'm not sleeping, I can't sleep anymore
Track Name: Wildwood/Bimini Twist
Ride, seashore ride, on a wooden pier
under a thousand neon lights, painted signs
Tacky shrines, shelling out green dollar
Pines, wild pines, swaying in the spray
At the cresting of a wave
Sandy lanes, Sunny rays up and down
The island
Ebb, rising tide, keep at bay disaster
At least until labor day, wind or rain
Flood or flame, from the ocean to the bay
Seashore ride...
By the seashore side, sure the wood is wild.
Track Name: Bye for Now
Goodbye for now
Au revoir, auf wiedersehen
Ciao, nägemist, ha det bra, elveda
Goodbye for...